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We have established a way of organizing that allows us to manage the children.


We have established a way of organizing that allows us to have a permanent and clear view of material and personal needs of the children and satisfied them accordingly through the activities of the week. The current organization is subject to modification once the educational teams of the Welcome Center are established. Currently, the activities are run by recruited and paid care workers under the supervision of the management team of Canaan Village.

Rising of the Children in the Morning

Each care worker is responsible for his group of children. He helps the little ones for the hygiene and dressing and organizes the breakfast.

In Togo, children are very autonomous since their very early age. However, it is essential to supervise the smallest ones in the preparation of their morning.

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Three meals (Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner) are provided to the children residing in Canaan Village. Recruited and paid cooks are working to that end. Along with food preparation, they oversee the stock and supply of food.

School Time

Children are escorted to and from school by the care workers.

Free Time

The free times are dedicated to games, reading, leisure, and other entertainment.

Team Meetings

Weekly meeting with the whole team (director, administrator, care workers, security guard, cook, etc.) is organized in order to take stock of the organization of the week and past events.

The team meetings are important from an organizational point of view. Logistical issues can be talked about, as well as difficulties encountered by the teams and disagreements etc. These meetings are chaired by the Director or his substitute.

Educational Meetings

Educational meetings are meetings between the director and the supervisors, in order to take stock of the educational and social condition of the children, and are held once a month.

These monthly meetings are the opportunities to discuss about the behavior of children, their progress, and vocational training projects, as well as the difficulties encountered with certain children.

Time for Exchanges Between Supervisors and Children

This is the daily moment when all the children and the supervisors meet in the orphanage conference room to take stock of the day, answer the children’s requests, and discuss various topics. Following this moment, the care workers put the children to bed.

Internal Regulations

Some rules are set for the proper functioning of Canaan Village. These rules govern the life of the Center, both in the organization of daily life and at discipline level. In addition to the basic disciplinary rules, the main principles include:

  • Obligation to go to school;
  • to participate in the community life of the Center.

There are also regulations for good conduct of the care staff.

Local Human Resources

The description of each job planned for the operational phase of Canaan Village Welcome Center is below. Each position will be subject to job description, which will be attached to the employment contract.