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We foster, care, and protect the health and social life of the orphans and abandoned children.
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The objectives of Canaan Village are to:

  • Foster and protect orphan and abandoned children;
  • Care for their health and social life;
  • Provide them with academic education, training, and religious education;
  • Ensure their integration into social and professional life; and,
  • Cooperate with any person and legal entity who pursue the same objective.

Missions of the organization

The five main missions of the institution are described below:

1 – Protection:

The principal mission of the organization is the protection of deprived and abandoned vulnerable children enrolled by Canaan Village. This implies, among other things, providing them with a shelter, food, garment and corporal safety.

2 – Education:

Every child fostered by Canaan Village will be in the position to benefit from early childhood developmental and cognitive skills, as well as a school curriculum, including kindergarten, primary and secondary schools.

Children will also benefit from academic support. Throughout their stay in Canaan Village, under the tutorial of specialized employed educators, children will be taught social values and receive social education based on moral skills, the fear of God, good behaviors, mutual aid, and respect for oneself and for others.

3 – Health Care:

“A healthy mind in a healthy body.’’ Each child will be personally subject to a social and sanitary follow-up. Which implies that the organization is responsible for all health expenditure of each child.

Each child will receive all the necessary vaccines upon his arrival at the village and will be subject to individual follow-up.

4 – Insertion, Training:

The long-term objective of Canaan Village is to give the children served the opportunity to build up a professional future, which will ensure their permanent integration in the society during their adulthood.

Simultaneously or apart from the school curriculum, the village will provide possibilities for vocational training.

5 – Cooperation:

Canaan Village will collaborate with any individual or legal entity that pursues the same objectives.